About Us

Spark Teknoloji is a global company for training and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of courses taught by expert instructors. We also propose a number of important IT courses in our office for students and employees. We have the expertise to provide professional services and consultancy where needed in different IT domains, to provide comprehensive training and advice for employees and students, and to innovate in applying new and existing technology to enhance companies and people activities.

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What We Do?

* Web, Mobile and desktop application development services. We started to develop high performance systems using C#, Asp.net, PHP, Python and swift( for iOS App), and we are planning to expand our services as soon as possible.
* Online courses in many IT domains such as .NET, Android, iOS and scripting languages.
* Live courses with special discounts for students and employees in our office in Istanbul.
* Consultancy services in different IT domains such as IT security and development.


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